Thursday, February 18, 2010

If we look back to the very first entry of this blog, there is a quote from M. that states: "Jake, I am coming to work dressed like you. Just wait!" (Summarized.)

7 months later- it happens!

Today, I arrive at the office dressed in blue jeans, a black hoody, and gray and black New Balance sneakers. Shortly afterwards, M. walks in with her hair pulled back in a ponytail wearing blue jeans, a black hoody and gray and black Puma sneakers.

J: "A-ha! You finally did it."

M: "Rage and anger, Jake! Rage and Anger! Give me a reason, just give me one reason!"

J: "What happened? You finally dressed like me."

M: "What? No I didn't. Don't be ridiculous! What does it say on your shirt? 'FEARLESS?' That is like me wearing a shirt that says 'SHOELESS!' I am not dressed like you."

J: "Shoeless?? But you have a million shoes... Wait... Just what are you implying?"

A few minutes later, M. turns around in her seat to reveal a hand made design taped to her hoody. Of course, it reads 'SHOELESS!'

She tries so hard.

M: "Rage and anger!"

J: "Rage and anger about what? Why do you keep saying that?"

M: "There doesn't have to be a reason, Jake. Can't a person wake up in the morning feeling rage and anger for no reason?"

J: "It's like you're talking to a mirror!" (I imitate her every move.) "See? Anything you say to me, you're really just saying to yourself. Oh!" (I grab a paperclip and stick it to my lower lip.) "There we go. See? You are trying to be me. And you feel comfortable because you're talking to yourself."

M. stands up, picks up her chair with both hands, and throws it at me. Or, at least, she tries to throw it at me, but because I copy her every move, I also pick up my chair and throw it at her in exact unison. Our two chairs clash in the middle of our aisle. Sparks fly! Dust falls from spinning wheels, and we laugh! (Our team leader is away in a meeting.)

Several other people on the team are also wearing black hoodies and blue jeans. Nobody planned it- it just happened.

Welcome to the Chinese Year of the Tiger!

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