Saturday, November 7, 2009

I relayed the following true story to M. via text message:

Last night I took Trax from the Sandy end of the line. Keep in mind, I was alone and I'm a guy- so I have no purse or bag with anything in it. The goal was to meet my friend, Bart, downtown for a movie screening of "Gentlemen Broncos."

As soon as the Trax starts going, I get this massive nose bleed. It doesn't stop. I use my fingers to pinch the flow but I get blood all over my digits and my face. Then, at the Murray Central stop, I realize I left the movie tickets in my car!! By now, the bleeding has stopped but the blood is dried and brown all over my hands.

I get off Trax and wait for another train to come and take me back to Sandy. The car is full of people coming home from work. I look like shit. I'm getting looks. A guy sitting in front of me actually stands up and moves to another seat. Finally, I make it back to my automobile, wipe myself off with an eyeglass cleaner pad and decide to just drive downtown.

The moral of the story- Sometimes you can't help looking like a drug-addicted serial killer.

On top of that, my bottle of Lortab fell out of my pocket onto the parking lot. Fuuuuu*k!! It's gone. Lost. Who knows who has it now.

M.'s response:

That's happened to me before, but I wasn't bleeding from my nose.

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