Tuesday, February 2, 2010

M: "Have you ever had a finger talk to you?"

J: "No..?"

M: "Well, this will be the first time then."

She walks to my desk with her hand in a fist and puts it in front of my face. She slowly moves her fingernail over her thumb and says the following in a high, squeaky voice:

M: "Hello, Jake! How are you?"

I look at her face. She whispers for me to answer the finger. I look back at her finger.

J: "I'm fine. How are you?"

M: "Jake! Are you really talking to a finger? Ha ha ha!"

M: "Is it disgusting to have egg stuck in your braces, or no, is that not disgusting at all? Don't write that! Jake, I'm going to take your pen away and your paper!"
M: "Ew! I just burped and it was gross."

M: "Jake, I'm open to intelligent conversation, ya know, but hearing you talk about your I.G.A. generic crackers... I get bored. Your crackers aren't as cool as mine. See? Zesta! They don't even compare."

J: "Mine are also Zesta."

M: "Jake, no. Your generic crackers are boring."

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