You Can Read Anyone, Lady!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I brought a book to work this morning called, "You Can Read Anyone." It gives some good insights into anyone's personality and provides the necessary tools to read a person's motives.

One chapter describes the general characteristics of a person with "Low Self-Esteem, Arrogance," or "LE-A" for short.

I read the following aloud to M. (Does this sound like anyone you know?)

LE-A Arrogant: This person needs to be the center of attention and is often loud, easily frustrated, and a big complainer. She seeks constant reinforcement and adulation from others, and will become angry when these are not received in sufficient and continual quantities. She usually doesn't mind offending or insulting someone if it will make her look better or smarter in others' eyes.

Signs of LE-A:

  • She's easily frustrated, angry and controlling, feeds off attention and can often be seen as aggressive, not only with people, but with her environment as well.
  • She's often bragging and boasting when she's achieved a minor success.
  • She's consumed by material possessions, seeking to fortify her sense of importance, no matter what the conversation, she tries to impress the other with her knowledge and is bent on steering the focus back to her.

M: "Don't put people in boxes!"

J: "Don't let a book tell you who you are. You are M! The greatest person who ever lived!"

M: "Is it 4:00 yet?"

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