Saturday, January 2, 2010

Before I left for the holidays, all of our cubicles were decorated with long streams of garland, mini Christmas trees, and tiny snowman pins. Atop my cubicle someone placed a shiny silver cut-out star. It was kind of big and depending on where you sat (and what time of day it was), you could get a blinding flash to the face.

M: "It looks like someone threw up Christmas in here."

I turned around and saw the light from the aforementioned star shining perfectly across M.'s eyes. She looked like a film actress from the 1940's.

M: "Who did all of this, Jakeypoo? Was it you?"

I paused to note the dramatic effect of the lighting. She noticed and used it to her advantage by glancing sleekly from side to side and pursing her lips out, baloney style.

J: "Are you sitting right there on purpose?"

M: "Jake, what are you talking about?"

She smiled, bearing every piece of her braces. The glare that burst from her mouth was like silver fire engulfing my face. For a moment, I was blind.

J: "Ahhh! Your braces!"

M: "Jakeypoo!"

She laughed and after awhile the sun moved, causing the streak of light to crawl away from her face.

M: "I hate Christmas."

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