Tuesday, December 15, 2009

M.'s purse/bag is decorated with red and white vertical stripes. Hanging from the top is a gold chain.

J: "Your bag looks like Rocky III. It's the color of Rocky's shorts and has Mr. T's gold chains."

M: "Where's the Blue?"

M. tosses a wad of paper at me so I stand up and drop-knee kick it back. The paper flies flawlessly into M. and she is very impressed.

M: "Wow! I want to do that."

She stands up, chucks the wad of paper in the air and attempts what can only be described as a coke-addicted ballerina stopping herself from falling over backward. She misses the paper a few times, and by the next try I'm worried M. is going to kick me in the goonies. Finally, the paper riccochets off her knee down the aisle sideways.

Later, I headbutt a wad of paper at M.

M: "Do the kick again!" she scrambles for her iPhone to record it.

J: "No way."

M: "Oh, you're worried that I'm going to study your technique and master it and then come to work and kick two papers in the air at the same time and have them come together and crash! Then fall to the floor right before your very eyes, aren't you? Aren't you?"

J: "Not really, but that would be cool to see."

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