Thursday, November 5, 2009

M. spins around in a full 360 degree circle in her chair.

M: "Did you see how smooth that was? Jake! Listen to me! If you had a newly discovered natural talent I would listen to you. See?"

She spins around again and almost crashes into the cubicle wall.

J: "Smooth."


  1. Jake, it is obvious you have a gift so special it can not be contained. You have a strong need to communicate and express emotions and situations that surround you. You are sensitive and intuitive and have a very unique, refreshing, humorous and entertaining perspective on that gift box called life and all the crazy gifts it contains. You could probably write about a day in the life of a rock and make it hilarious and entertaining. M is lucky to be your rock. ;)

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment. If a rock made me chuckle or kept me half as entertained as M. does... I might have a shot at the new Jay Leno show! I am lucky to know a rock named M. She's freakin' awesome!!