Thursday, January 7, 2010

M: "It smells like up dog in here."

J: (Blank stare.)

M: "I have a GPS if you need help finding my humor."

I decide to ask M. some questions.

J: "What is your favorite beach in the world?"

M: "Let me answer this questions as short as I can. In order for me to tell you what is my favorite beach in the world, I would have to know each beach in the world. Let's go with Cancun."

J: "What's the next country you want to visit?

M: "China."

J: "What one thing are you craving today?"

M: "Chocolate."

J: "What CDs are in your car or home stereo right now?"

M: "The one you gave me yesterday (in my car)."

J: "What are three of your guilty pleasures?"

M: "Shopping. Eating. Watching movies."

J: "What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?"

M: "Um... oh my gosh, this is horrible. 'The Story of O.' My God, that is the last book I read? What if I died today?? People are going to think I'm horrible. Yes, of course I enjoyed it."

J: "What is must-see TV for you?"

M: "The Office... Arrested Development... The What's it Called Theory... I dunno."

J: "If you met the right person, how many children would you have?"

M: "Zero."

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