Tuesday, February 16, 2010

M: "Oh, I just licked my fork and then I smelled it and it was gross!"

M.'s Cube Mate is wearing new boot-leg jeans with a paisley pattern on the back pockets. I mistakenly called the paisleys 'wings' instead of referring to them in the proper. Big mistake.

M: "Those aren't wings, Jake! Those are PAISLEYS!!!"

She sends me an email with a picture of a paisley design compared to a picture of a wing design.

J: "I know they are paisleys but they are in the shape of wings, right? The paisley design you emailed looks like a whale."

Cube Mate: "They aren't wings, Jake."

Later, M. turns slowly around in her chair. She's holding a hand-made sign that reads, "YOU ARE CRAZY!" written in strawberry marker.

M: "Oh!" (Pressing her nose to the paper.) That smells good!"

Towards the end of the day, I get up from my chair and notice the note taped to M.'s purse, which by the way is of the black shiny variety.

Apparently, I am crazy.

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