Tuesday, November 3, 2009

M. searches a list of up-coming concerts on the internet.

M: "Oooh, Rob Zombie is coming on November 5th! Is that a Thursday?"

She looks at the homemade printed calendar tacked to her cubicle wall.

M: "I made up my own days for November so I don't know if it's right."

She flips through a pre-printed desk calendar until she lands on November 5th.

M: "Oh yes, it's right. November 5th is a Thursday!"

J: "Do you know what concert I want to see?"

M: "Pimpernelli?"

J: "No- what?"


J: "What is Pimpernelli? I don't get it."

M: "Hahahahahahaha... Ahhhh, ahhh..." (Wipes tears from her eyes.) "I have to pee."

She leaves, then comes back, still laughing.

M: "I have to go not tanning tonight."

J: "Not tanning?"

M: "Oooh! DJ Tiesto is playing on the 20th, which is a Friday! Sounds like I have a hot date with my son."

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