Wednesday, November 11, 2009

M. is at work today! She's been out the past 2 days with swine flu-like symptoms.

M: "It's not swine flu. I tested negative."

She is wearing black pants and a yellow hoody.

J: "You look like you're from Star Trek."

I tell M. about my recent re-discovery of The Beatles. What other group has come close to the level of perfection as The Fab Four?

M: "What about Madonna?"

J: "Mmmm..."

M: "What do you have against Madonna?"

J: "She's not the Beatles."

M: "We need to detox, Jake. And, no I don't mean a colonoscopy."

J: "How do we detox?"

M: "By eating special foods. Apples, Jake. You eat nothing but apples for three days. Then on the third day you wake up and go yee-yee-yee-yee."

J: "..."

M: "That was my impression of a horse. When you do that, you know you're cured and you want to eat hay."

M: "Jake, why can't you take anything seriously?"

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