Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The following text message happened hours ago...

J: "WHERE ARE YOU?? I just had the weirdest dream about body painting in high school. WTF?!"

M: "Where am I?? I think the question here is WHERE ARE YOU???"

J: "I am painting with my entire body."

J: "AND I'm eating Fruity Pebbles."

M: "Aha..."

J: "...?"

M: "No comment."

M: "On the Fruity Pebbles."

J: "Where are you?"

M: "I'm having breakfast on the beach in Cuba."

J: "What??"

M: "Yeah. Don't be jealous, Jake. You're not brave like me. You might worry about all that sanctioned country B.S."

M: "I might bring you back a cigar IF I decide to come back."

M: "It's 84 degrees out here, Jake. And the Mojitos are to die for."

J: "I don't smoke."

M: "You don't have to."

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