Wednesday, March 17, 2010

M. has been out sick for the past few days. If you recall from previous blog posts, her dog chewed up a mouse and ate it, then had diarrhea. The following is a brief text conversation with M. from earlier today.

M: "I think I got sick because I french kissed my dog."

J: "Well, a girl's got to get it somehow. Now you have the Black Plague!"

M: "I'm on my death bed. I just want to sleep."

J: "Can you get up and see a doctor?"

M: "Yes."

J: "Well get up, Corey Haim! It's 2:10PM."

M: "My house collapsed."

J: "Bull$#!t. Go see a doctor and feel better so you can come back to work. I miss you."

M: "Ok."

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