Tuesday, April 20, 2010

J: "So, based on your attire, are you going for the 'circus look' or a horse rider?"

M: "Circus horse!"

J: "OK, that totally works."

She scrunches up her face to give the appearance of pain.

J: "What are you doing?"

M: "I've saving energy. See, if someone comes up to me and says, 'Hey, look at this,' I could respond like," (Waving her arms in the air and exerting all sorts of physical energy.) "'GAAAAAHHHH!! THAT IS DISGUSTING!!! GET IT AWAY FROM ME NOOOOOW!!'" or I could do this." (She does the face again.) "See? Less energy. I'm saving energy, Jake."

I had a brief conversation with my friend on Facebook- the one who previously saw the photos of M.

S: "So I've been reading some of your blog and M. seems, well... interesting. Are you sure you aren't using some creative license with some of the entries?"

J: "M. is 100% real. I don't think ANYBODY could make this stuff up. But, yeah- she is VERY 'interesting.'"

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