Wednesday, March 31, 2010

M. left worked shortly after I arrived, due to being extremely tired. Her date went very well last night and apparently she didn't get much sleep. The following is a text conversation between us from the late afternoon:

M: "What are you doing, Jakeypoo?"

J: "Working. Why aren't you asleep?"

M: "Because I just wolf up."

J: "This is you tomorrow: IDON'TWANNABEHERETODAY!! Waaaaa!! I'msotiiiiiired! WHY??????"

J: You just wolf up??

J: It's about time! I've been waiting for you to WOLF UP for weeks!"

M: "Hahaha! You know what I meant. Why aren't YOU asleep?"

M: "Hahaha Jake!!! On the weekend I was surrounded by FBI agents, and it was nice. Then I had to in to in to work... :\"

J: "You had to in to in to work??"

M: "Ha ha ha! Hey, some of us can't take showers, pee, do their makeup and text perfectly at the same time, OK?"

M: "I had to go into work."

J: "When?"

M: "On the weekend."

J: "Why did you come into work on the weekend? We're closed."

J: "Is that when you WOLFED UP?"

M: "Hahaha no."

J: "Where is my picture of you? Today is the last day of March! You promised I'd have it by today."

M: "Do you want promises or pictures? Think about it, Jake!!!"

J: "I want a bracey smile photo of you, all happy and bracey!"

M: "I diem in to work on the weekend. I went to work on Monday after being surrounded by FBI agents on the weekend."

J: "You diem into work on the weekend... WHAT ARE YOU SAYING???"

J: "WOLF UP, M!"

M: "Hahaha! Font be jealous, Lake."

J: "I speak English."

M: "Hahaha lol and hahaha! ::Throwing wadded paper at you::"

J: "MORE wadded up paper? You are so predictable."

M: "Foot put me in a boxes!"

M: "And stop pinching your face!"

J: "My forehead hurts and burns. I need help!"

J: "Did you say you put your foot in a box??"

M: "I'm going to tape your fingers."

J: "I'm going to tape your braces!"


  1. He must have a phone with T9 predictive text. It shows "wolf" before "woke".