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Monday, April 26, 2010

M: "Find it for me, Jake!"

J: "What?"

M: "The sweater tops that everyone is wearing! With the printed prints all over the sides and the top and the back. Like a panda print all over. I can't find them on the internet because I'm retarded!"

J: "You want to buy a sweater? It's almost May. And from what you described, it sounds like an old lady sweater. Like from the 'Golden Girls.'"

M: "I AM SO FRUSTRATED! No, Jake! They wear them on 'Pretty Wild' and 'Kendra.'"

J: "Those references don't help. Is it a sweater or a tank top?"

M: "It's a sweater top! Some of them have hoodies and some don't."

J: "OK... Have you tried eBay? I have no idea where you can find a Cosby sweater top, M. Sorry."


After several fruitless mystery searches, M. finally stumbled upon the correct search term: Primp Clothing. After seeing the photos, I'm not convinced they'er sweaters, but what do I know? I'm a man. That's my problem, or so I'm told repeatedly by M.

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