Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random txt conversation:

M: "Other than the fact that you have black heads, oily skin, dry patches, sun damage, pimples and moles, YOUR SKIN IS GREAT!!!!!"

M: "No one is perfect, OK Jake!! My skin is perfect if you take away the imperfections. Don't be jealous!!!!!"

M: "And... let me add... This was told to me by a professional."

M: "Yeah! Not just some stranger on the street or some crazy person."

M: "Because really... If you take away someone's illness, they are healthy!"

M: "I've been enlightened. I feel like I should start practicing medicine."

M: "It takes some people YEARS of studying to figure out what I just did in 5 minutes."

M: "So if you put one and one together, I am a genius with perfect skin. YOU should be feeling lucky to know me!"

M: "Don't be jealous!"

Twenty minutes later...

J: "OK. I'm not."

M: "You're not what?"

J: "I'm not jealous."

M: "You SHOULD BE!!! What is wrong with you????"

J: "Some people have priorities, OK M? We don't waste time on frivolity."

M: "Hahaha! I'll bring some anti jealous tea on Monday."

J: "Now if you made a decision to do THE RIGHT THING and get an ass peel... I would be very happy for your chair."

M: "Besides, frivolity is not a waste of time, it's a temperature."

J: "iTard! Have a good weekend."

M: "You too!"

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