Monday, March 22, 2010

M. is back to work! She is getting over a severe sinus infection with coughs and sniffles scattered throughout her sentences.

M: "You step on it because it's greasy... and then... *cough! cough!* Ha ha ha. WOW! Listen to me! I sound just like my mom. *cough! cough!* All raspy. Ha ha ha!"

M.'s Cube Mate: "Jake, I hate you!"

J: "What did I do?"

M: "You exist. Isn't that enough?"

Cube Mate: "Yeah, Jake."

J: "I didn't do anything."

M: "We should beat you all over with a baseball bat."

J: "I'm not talking to you right now, M., I'm talking to your cube mate."

M: "You ARE talking to me because I am in the direct pathway when you talk to her. See? If this is a freeway and you are driving a car, I am right here in your direct path when you try to drive up to my cube mate. Are you trying to tell me you're driving by yourself when there are other cars on the road?"

J: "I'm not driving anywhere, I'm sitting here in my chair."

M.'s Cube Mate: "I don't hate you, Jake. I'm just upset and I take it out on you."

J: "I see... Are you OK with M. butting into our conversation?"

M: "I'M RIGHT HERE!! I'm INVOLVED with what's going on!" (Waving her arms wildly in the air.)

M.'s Cube Mate: "It's OK. I'm used to it."

J: "I know what you mean."

I'm glad M. is back! =)

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