Thursday, March 25, 2010

Several weeks ago, I introduced M. to the world of "Snooki" from the MTV show, "Jersey Shore." I haven't seen an episode of "Jersey Shore," but I catch hilarious clips on an awesome bit of TV hilarity called "The Soup" on E! (By the way, Joe McHale, who hosts "The Soup" is also the star of my current favorite TV shows called "COMMUNITY." It's probably just a coincidence, but several quotes and character actions from this blog show up on "COMMUNITY.." Is one of the show's writers a reader? Perhaps. Or, it could just be coincidence...)

Anyway, M. loved the idea of Snooki making out with her brother, "The Situation," in a hot tub so much that she proposed the following idea to her 20-something-year-old children:

M: "OK, guys! So you know how there is "The Situation" and Snooki? From now own, I'm going to call you "The Event" and Gigi! We will have cameras come into the house and film us!! We don't have a hot tub, but we can recreate the famous sister and brother make-out scene in our bathtub."

M: "Gigi, you can fart to make the water bubble like it's a hot tub. What do you guys think?"

Gigi: "I don't mind being on a reality show if I don't have to lose my dignity for it."

The Event: (Turns pale and shakes his head in disgust.)

M: "C'mon!! What is wrong with you!?"

What indeed.

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