Friday, September 4, 2009

The voodoo doll works! The "wind bag" will soon move to a different team. Ha ha! This is cause for celebration.

M: "Not only did it work, but it also killed my plant."

Octavio is doing well. M. picks him up and waters him in front of me. She takes him to her cubicle and sets him down next to the plant on her desk with the voodoo doll entangled in it.

M: "They are playing." (She makes Octavio lean towards her plant and bounces him up and down.) "Play, play, play."

M. describes how her pet chihuahua likes to play with her cat.

M: "He growls and gets in her face. Then he shakes his butt at her like this."

(M. imitates her dog bouncing towards her cat, butt-first.)

M: "It's so cute!"

Later in the day, she tells me how I remind her of her parakeet.

J: "How many pets do you have?"

M: "A lot."

J: "Why do I remind you of your parakeet?"

M: "You know how birds have eyes on the sides of their head? When I put food in my parakeet's cage, he leans sideways like this" (she imitates the motion) "and looks down at his food. You reminded me of that just now when you tilted your head."

She imitates the bird's movement a few more times, then she acts like her dog and barks while bouncing her butt in the air.

M. really needs her own TV show.

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  1. its so adorabul i want to eat it up