Juicy Couture Cooter

Monday, September 28, 2009

M. is not at work today so I shall retell the story of her juicy air freshener.

A couple of years ago, M. and I were partnered up to deliver Meals on Wheels to the elderly. The first time we ventured out, she drove. As soon as I sat in her Mini Cooper and closed the door, I noticed a pleasant aroma.

J: "Your car smells good."

M: "Oh, it's the air freshener."

J: (Looking at the air freshener dangling from the rear view mirror.) "Schnauzers?"

M: "Juicy Couture."

J: "Oh... Is that a perfume for dogs?"

M: "No, it's for people."

J: "Oh, OK. I was gonna say, that's quite the design for a dog cologne."

M: "Ha ha, yeah. A few years back I was at the perfume counter at Nordstrom when this guy walked up. The woman behind the counter asked how she could help, and he said he was there to pick up an order for his girlfriend... Juicy Cooter."

J: "Hahahaha!"

M: (Imitating the guy.) 'Can you give me some Juicy Cooter, please?' Hahahaha!"

J: "Ooh God... Well, your Juicy Cooter smells good, M."

M: "Ooh, thank you."

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