Wednesday, October 14, 2009

J: "When you weren't looking, I did something."

M: "Oh really, Jake? When you weren't looking, I did something."

J: "What did you do?"

M: "Wouldn't you like to know?"

J: "Yeah."

M: "You want to rub the Buddha head, Jake? Go ahead and rub the Buddha head."

J: "OK." (I rub the head.) "Ahhh! You put lotion on your Buddha!"

M: "Ha ha ha! It's not lotion, it's conditioner."

The team celebrates M.'s birthday as well as another team mate's birthday with a quiet song. We sing, in very low tones and volume, "Happy Birthday to you." We keep it quiet because M.'s cube mate is on the phone with a customer. It sounds depressing, terribly sad, and somehow hilarious.

M. tries to hide, but she is surrounded.

Everyone on the team brought something in. We had chili, cake, salad, drinks, etc.

M: "I can't wait to eat some chilicake."

Later, M.'s "famous" friend comes over and shows us some wild Samba dance moves. To the untrained eye, it appears the famous friend is attacking somebody with weird crane kicks, karate hands, and aggressive huffs.

M: "Are you sure this is a dance class and not a self-defense class? Those moves are really ballsy, if you know what I mean."

Famous friend: "Wha??"

M. hands her iTouch to me and tells me to watch an uncensored music video. It's a song called "Addicted" by Saving Abel. Normally, I like this kind of filth, but I'm at work... It's very uncomfortable, but still very cool.

Check it out:

Saving Abel - Addicted (UNCENSORED)
by CodeElipse

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