Thursday, October 22, 2009

M: "Wanna see my impression of a fountain?"

J: "Sure."

M. takes a swig of water from her bottle, swishes it around in her mouth and laughs.

M: "Hold on."

She takes another swig, swishes it some more and laughs again, causing water to spill down her chin.

J: "Was that it?"

M: "No, wait!"

She takes a big swig of water, swishes it around in her mouth and tilts her head back. A small spurt of water squirts from her mouth onto the floor in front of her.

M: "Ta-da!"

J: "I was expecting the water to come out of your mouth and go back in."

M: "What kind of a fountain does that?"

J: "I dunno, but I thought that's what you meant."

M: "That would be cool. I used to be able to do a better fountain but because of my braces, the water separates before it comes out."

J: "So, you basically spit water onto the floor in front of you and call it a fountain?"

M: "Yeah, it gets on my clothes too."

M. wipes herself off. She has dribble marks all down the front of her shirt.

There is an Arrowhead water bottle label wrapped around M.'s wrist. I inquire about it.

M: "Jake, don't be jealous. Not everybody can have an Arrowhead wrapper on their wrist, OK? You don't have to be so jealous of everything I do."

I ask if I can bring in my voice recorder and conduct an interview with M.

M: "Why on earth would you want to do that?"

J: "Because you are entertaining."

She changes the subject, asking me why I haven't eaten more than a granola bar for breakfast.

J: "Because that's all I was hungry for."

M: "You look pale. Now you look green. You've gone from pale to green, and all you've had to eat is a granola bar and coffee. What is wrong with you?"

J: "I don't know."

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