Thursday, October 15, 2009

M: "I have one word for you, Jake, and here it is."

M. places a very small typed word on my desk. the word is "spandex." M. has clipped it from a magazine.

J: "What is this?"

M: "It's a word, Jake."

J: "Spandex? Why?"

M: "Why, Jake?"

J: "Oh God..."

Later in the day, I ask M. who she thinks the most clever person in the world.

M: "I think it's a tie between Paris Hilton and... what's her name? She's a singer, kind of like Christina Aguilera... not Britney Spears- she'd come in 2nd.... MARIAH CAREY! Have you heard her song lyrics, Jake? I have to grab a dictionary to figure out what she is saying. 'I see right through you like you're bathing in Windex.'"

J: "I would think the most clever person in the world is probably someone like Stephen Hawking-"

M: "Jake, did you hear the song lyrics? Stevie Hockey can't write lyrics like that."

J: "Stevie Hockey?"

M: "Stevie H!"

Earlier, M. asked me a question with a look of sadness in her eyes.

M: "What did the little boy with no arms or legs get for Christmas?"

J: "I dunno. What?"

M: "Cancer." :(

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