Monday, October 12, 2009

M. has her shawl wrapped around her when a big clump of it falls to the floor in front of her. We all stare at it before M. picks it up and places it on her forehead.

M: "These are my bangs."

J: "You look like the Statue of Liberty."

M. holds her arm up like she's holding a torch. Then she moves the clump of shawl to her chin, like it's a beard.

M: "This is how I wake up everyday. This is what happens if I don't shave."

She places the clump of shawl in in her ear, at the edge of her sleeve, then below her skirt, then around her ankle.

M: "This is what happens when I don't shave here, here, here, or there."

Eventually, M. wraps the mini shawl around her Buddha and leaves it alone.

Things are different today. M. insists she just feels tired, but I think her awareness of the blog is affecting her natural personality. Every so often, she'll start a funny pose, or begin going off about something random, only to cut it short with a knowing glance in my direction.

Hopefully, everything will go back to normal soon.

M. finds out I am buying a new car. Her response:

M: "Jake, who drives a silver car?"

J: "You do."

M: "My car is black."

J: "Oh? Did you have it painted?"

M: "Well, it was silver yesterday. Today it's black.

J: "Right."

I rush to her desk and rub her little Buddha head.

M: "Jake!"

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