Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It took me a day to realize it, but M. took down the self-portrait of herself I had hanging in my cubicle along with the quote about her eating poo anyday. She did it when she reorganized my desk, thinking I wouldn't notice. But I did.

M: "I wouldn't be surprised to see it up for auction on eBay. Wait! What am I saying? Not eBay... Christie's! Check with Christie's, Jake."

J: "It's not on eBay or on Christie's, M. Did you throw it away? Just tell me if you did so I'll stop asking you about it."

M: "I tore it up into little pieces and threw it away, Jake."

J: "Noo!"

For some reason I feel empty inside, crushed, lost. I have plans for that artwork.

#1.) Place the original pieces in the "Story of M." book I'm giving to M. this Christmas.

#2.) Give away the original one-of-a-kind masterpieces to fans of the blog through some sort of contest. Does anyone want them? I know I would, but I'm bias.

M. is wearing a black shirt with sparkly wing designs on each sleeve. I make a comment and she immediately flaps her arms like a chicken and stands up slowly on one leg to give the impression of flight.

After being privileged to her chicken flapping technique a few more times, I too make a little show of flying. I open the black and yellow umbrella and say, "Mary Poppins!" as I stand up slowly on one leg and pretend to float away.

It's hit and miss. M. is grumpy today and she ferociously admits it. I ask if there is anything I can do to help but she tells me she just wants to be grumpy.

J: "You didn't really throw away your artwork, did you?"

M: "Jake!"

Finally, after hours of pestering and inquiries, M. opens one of her file cabinet drawers to reveal the original self-portrait along with the autographed poo quote.

YES!! I am so happy they aren't destroyed it's all I can do to contain myself. Even though M. is grumpy, I am as excited as a schoolboy on Christmas. And there's nothing anyone can do about it.

So there.

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