Friday, June 4, 2010

M: "What if my face was like this?"

She scrunches her mouth into a wrinkley hole and pushes it to the side of her jaw. Her upper lip hangs slightly over her teeth.

M: "Would you still be nice to me?"

J: "What do you mean 'What if?'"

M: "But wait! What if I had a nice personality too? Would you still like me? So it would be like this: 'HI, GUYS!! How are you doing today?? It's so good to see you!!!'"

She pretends she is talking to a customer on the phone.

M: "Oh, Sir! Yes, you just have to fill out the paperwork and send it into meeeeeeee!"

She leans back in her chair and lets out a fake uber-friendly laugh, her face twisted and chipper all the while.

I laugh so hard, tears streak down the sides of my cheeks. The scrunched up face is funny by itself, but hearing M. create such a carefree happy tone to her voice is alarmingly humorous, especially because it sounds semi-retarded due to the scrunched mouth.

J: (Gasping for air.) "D-Do... Ha ha ha! Do it again!!!"

M: "NO! What is wrong with you, Jake? Stop making fun of mentally-challenged people."

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