Friday, May 28, 2010

Two days ago, M. came into work wearing green camouflage pants, a studded belt, with a fuscia top. Her shoes were tan, her purse was bright pink. Yesterday, she wore a black dress with black pants underneath.

M: "It's not easy being mentally retarded! Please respect that."

J: "Ha ha!"

M: "Respect my stomach ache!"

J: "How does one respect a stomach ache?"

M: "Ow... I can't chew."

J: "Because of your stomach ache?"

M: "Because of my braces. Jake, NO!!!"

J: "What have you learned from reading the past 10 months of your life?"

M: "You're crazy!"

J: "OK... what have you learned about yourself?"

M: "Absolutely nothing."

J: "Really? What do you hope to learn in the next 2 months, before this blog is ended?"

M: "I am more mentally retarded today than most days, Jake, so I can't think of a good answer. Let me get back to you."

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