Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The following is a txt message conversation from this morning...

J: "ARE YOU COMING IN LATE??? Our company stock is dropping by the minute!"

M: "Why?"

J: "Why? WHY?? Because you're not here, that's why!"

M: "LOL! Then it's going UP, you mean."

J: "Gooftard!"

M: "WHAT?? That's not a word. Grow up!"

J: "Oh, it's a word... When are you coming in?"


J: "How dare you!"

M: "I learn from the best." ;/

J: "I'll just put you on the white board coming in between 11:00 and 12:00. With sandwiches! No- Cafe Rio! (Thanks. I'll have a pulled-pork quesadilla. No quac. Extra sour cream.)"

M: "NO QUAC??? Grow up."

J: "Guacamole! Get with the times, Granny. OMG ROFL POS LMAO BRB WTF?!? And QUAC!"

M: "That would be guac."

J: "Sit, bits! Don't be hatn!"

M: "What is wrong with you?"

J: "Don't be all 'Let me show you how WRONG you are and how RIGHT I am!' Gooftard."

M: "Crafytard!"

J: "Crafy? Srsly? Hell no omg. Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me! When are you coming in?"

M: "Next week."

J: "WHAT?? For real?"

M: "I'm going to pet a fish. Waaaaaaa!"

(She says this because I just came back from a week in Oregon, where I told her about a visit to the aquarium where I touched real starfish and sea animals. It was really cool!)

M: "How dare you leave me for a week to go pet fish! Your nerve has no boundaries!"

J: "Ha ha! Don't forget the life size Japanese Zen Garden."

M: "I'm retired, OK!"

J: "OK. What are you doing today that makes you not come in?"

M: "I have a beta fish at home that I need to pet. Maybe I'll even pet the little plant in his bowl. OH! IT'S GRABBING MY FINGER. OH! SCARY!!"

J: "Hahahaha. Stop your jealousy!"

M: "It has poky little things. OH!"

J: "Gooftardasaurus!"

M: "LOL! OH! I'm touching the little rocks on the bottom of the fish tank!"

J: "Are you done?"

M: "Let's see... What else can I do? Maybe I'll walk to my weed garden. It's enormous!"

J: "::yawn::"

M: "I wish I could yawn but I'm having WAY too much fun!!!!"

J: "What are you really doing?"

M: "...OH! Look, a gold fish! It has fins!"

J: "Goof. Tard. City."

M: "I think I'll take a week off of work to go pet Chinchillas. Have you ever done that?"

J: "I'm not sorry I was on vacation for my birthday, M. Grow up!"

M: "How dare you! The nerve!"

J: "I know. I suck, don't I?"

M: "No. And by no I mean YES!"

J: "Ha ha. Thanks."

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