Thursday, May 13, 2010

M. is wearing a black, long sleeved hoody with faux fur lining the edge of the hood. In gold print, across the front is a giant capital "M."

J: "Oh my God! You're wearing a shirt with a giant letter 'M' on it!!"
M: "I know. I got it because my last name is M------."

J: "I know what your name is. I also know that you go by "M." in THE BLOG. I need to take a photo of you in that shirt with a bracey smile TODAY! You have to let me do this. PLEASE!!"

M: "No!"

J: "Why not?"

M: "Jake, I need to clean my braces first. What is your problem?!"

J: "Just hold still for 5 seconds and smile. I won't make you look bad."

M: "No." (Turning around to hide her face and shirt from me completely.)

This goes back and forth for several minutes, until I have no other choice...

J: "OK M., you force me to do something very childish. That's right, I am stooping to your level to give you the silent treatment until you let me take a photo. You leave me no choice."

During the silence, M. tries desperately to get my attention by using her usual antics and tricks. I hold fast, and do not give in. I do, however, break the silence to inform M. that her Famous Friend, is at her desk reading this very blog. It's true! She is reading it online right now.

M.'s cube mate surprises me with an early birthday present. It is a book entitled, "You are a Horrible Person but I Like You."

Thank you, M.'s cube mate.

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