Wednesday, May 12, 2010

M. brought in a cake. It's my birthday this Saturday and the team decided to throw me a surprise party at work! (Thanks, everybody!) It is a delight to be surrounded by such good friends.

The cake was prepared at two seperate grocery stores and frosted by M. She wrote "Happy Birthday, Jakey Poo!" in scribbly blue icing on the top.

M: "I almost got in a wreck on my way to work!"

J: "Are you OK?"

M: "Yes, but the cake fell to the floor of the car!"

J: "Oh no!"

M: "Yeah, but it's OK. It was sitting in the passenger seat so when I slammed on the brakes it fell to the floor and scooted forward. I thought everything was ruined, but when I examined it just one side was affected. Nothing else."

J: "Oh... did hairs from the floor of your car get on the cake?"

M: "There are no hairs on my floor, Jake! But if there are, they aren't mine. They are my dog's. Don't worry, you can't get STD's from hair."

J: "Where do you think crabs live?"

M: "In the ocean."

Thanks, M. !!!

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