Thursday, August 13, 2009

I was asked to take a photo of M.'s purse from yesterday's blog. Here it is, along with the notorious Psychology Today magazine. Behind it is the Mexican shawl. And behind that... you can see the back tips of M's hair. (Yes, she is a real person.)

I ask M. what her thoughts are as we come to the end of a week of note-taking. She says, "Maybe I should just keep my big mouth shut."

Me: "How has it been?"

M: "Very enlightening, Jake. I had no idea... the things that come out of my mouth."

(She continues.) M: "Now I understand why I can't get a boyfriend, Jake. And when I do, he's crazy. Now I understand.

Me: "Why?"

M: "Have you been listening to me this week? Need I say more?"

The truth is, I've been listening to M. for months and I consider her to be one of the most entertaining, funny, goofy, adorable, talented people I've ever met. Part of her charisma comes from the fact that she doesn't know how great she really is. Sure, she talks herself up all the time, but it's mostly in jest. She laughs at her antics more than she accepts praise, and like a true celebrity, she is not aware of her natural coolness. She makes work fun, and I almost look forward to waking up early everyday to sit across from her.

Of course, that doesn't stop me from mocking the loudness of her purse, which I do every time I see it. That's a lot going on for one accessory.

M: "It's painful to me with you so jealous of the things I own. I feel bad, Jake, after I see how much it affects you. I'd give the purse to you but you're a guy."

Me: "I don't want it."

M: "I went to the spa yesterday to get my face peeled and people were crying when they saw my purse."

Me: "Can you blame them?"

M: "Just please do yourself a favor. You need to read "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die."

Me: "Who is the author?"

M: "The person who wrote the book."

(I looked it up- it's Karol K. Truman.)

There is no definitive moment to sum up this week, but I keep going back to M.'s statement about "Greatness is greatness, Jake. You don't have to add to it. No need for more. That's why it's great."

I think that's why M. is great.

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  1. LOL, that's awesome! Great pic (I was picturing some sort of endangered species fur around the edges or something).