Thursday, August 27, 2009

M. did not come in to work today, nor was she here on Monday (hence no blog post), however we had a brief text conversation earlier:

M: "25 Windows, Jake! Don't be jealous."

(M. told us yesterday that she had to clean 25 windows and blinds last night. She is a self-proclaimed "clean-freak" but she hates cleaning windows.)

J: "How many did you get done?"

M: "5."

J: "Ha ha."

(It took me an hour and a half to respond to her last text so I offered an explanation.)

J: "Sorry for the delay. It's busy here at work where some of are SCHEDULED TO BE WORKING."

M: "What is this word? Ww ww work?"

J: "It's what you didn't do to 20 of the windows."

M: "Don't judge me, Jahke Cordovinski!"

J: "I never judge you, M.-insky-Squeaks. It's sexual tension."

M: "Ha ha. Take some fish pills."

(M. takes handfuls of vitamins everyday, yet for the life of her she cannot fathom why I take Omega-3 Fish Oil Pills. Actually, they are very healthy.)

J: "You spicy tramp!"

I miss M. when she's not here. Mostly because I can't see her cute Charlie Chaplain wiggle face. And also because nobody else laughs so loud at my jokes.

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