Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This week I am taking notes of what M.'s cube mate says. Not to publish them here, but just to see M's reaction.

"You know I am hungry for attention, Jake." M. tells me. "You already know this."

It's true, I do. M. needs a lot of attention and she is usually pretty good at getting it.

Today, for example, she 'sang backup' for her cube mate while I tried to take notes. It distracted me so I asked her to stop (several times).

M: "I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky!"


M. discovered my obsession with dts-hd master audio. I made the mistake of revealing my love for dts sound by admitting previous purchases of dts merchandise. Such as a coffee mug, an ink pen, a decorative pin, etc.

M. couldn't resist. I stopped paying attention to her for awhile until I heard her say in an exaggerated voice, "Guess I'll just pour some water now."

I turned around and watched M. pour water from a large jug into a smaller water bottle. On the jug, she had taped a piece of notebook paper where the label would go with a fake "DTS" logo she wrote by hand.

It was hilarious! Not only that, but she picked up a pair of scissors and started cutting paper. "Oh, I just need to cut this paper here," she said. Hanging off one of the scissor blades was a square piece of paper with another hand-written "DTS" logo.

I told her they were cheap knock-off's because dts isn't capitalized, but she wouldn't hear it. Instead, she picked up the receiver of her telephone and said, "Hello? Oh wow! Where are you calling me from? Your voice is so clear. Oh wait, it's because of my phone." Hanging off the receiver was yet another hand-written fake "DTS" paper logo.

You have to admit, M. is a master at getting attention.

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